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Registered: ‎06-14-2010

We cannot fulfill your request as your account has failed export compliance verification

This Xilinx Forum post outlines the steps on what needs to be done when you try to download Xilinx tools (or licenses, documents, files) and if you get the following messages:

“We cannot fulfill your request as your account has failed export compliance verification”:



“The file you have requested is not available", i.e.:



 What can you do in this situation?

You should begin by reading the recommendations from AR#44043:

In many cases, a profile can get blocked to be screened by the Xilinx Export Global Trade Compliance team (GTC) and due to this, gets placed on hold and that is the reason why it is not possible to generate a license or download Vivado/ISE tools, documents, files, etc. 

If you still have issues after reviewing the recommendations from AR#44043, for your profile to be checked and then reset and cleared (if all is fine with your profile), in this case please send an email to Xilinx Customer Support ( indicating your "export compliance issue". They in turn will work with the Global Trade Compliance team to be able to screen and verify your profile and re-activate this then.  

You will then be notified once the profile is unblocked. Then you should be able to login and download the required software without issues.

However, if there are any issues found with your profile, you will also be notified by email with the reason why your account must remain blocked.


Note:  If your profile was previously blocked, there is a chance that each time when you update your profile in the future, it will get blocked once again. Therefore, please do not update your profile (unless it is required to do so) once the profile is re-enabled.

If this happens for you again, please contact Xilinx Customer Support ( (see AR for more details) and they will unblock your profile once again then.

Kind Regards,
Anatoli Curran,
Xilinx Technical Support
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