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Registered: ‎12-28-2017

Using AXI interconnect with MIG_7_series


I am trying to connect three AXI4 slave interfaces to xilinx mig_7_series interface generator in a block design using Xilinx axi_interconnect.  I instantiated axi_interconnect with configuration of 3 slave and 1 master, (AXI_INT_1) .  Two slave interfaces are coming from external interfaces and I set the ID widths to 4.  The third slave interface is from another AXI4 Master that utilizes another axi interconnect,(AXI_INT_0).  The master interface from AXI_INT_0 has ID width of 4.  When I connect the master interface of AXI_INT_1 to the mig_7_series slave interface connection, save the BD, and validate the design, the ID widths of the mig_7_series AXI connection increase to 18.  The tool throws an error stating largest ID supported is 16. I have three slave interfaces connected through the interconnect. Why are the ID widths changing to 18 bit?  The attached document shows the existing BD,(FROM), and what happens after I try to validate the BD, (TO). Updating the mig.prj file to force the ID to 5:0 results in error when I try to regenerate the BD.

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