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Visitor vagrawal2
Registered: ‎02-26-2018

[Place 30-510] Unroutable Placement

I have 2 separate Aurora cores I'd like to instantiate, each containing 4 lanes and sharing one refclk.  The "master" core has 'shared logic in the core' and the "slave" core has 'Include shared logic in the example design'. I hooked it up exaclty as in Figure 3-17 in pg074, but I get the following placement error:

[Place 30-510] Unroutable Placement! A GTHE_COMMON / GTHE_CHANNEL clock component pair is not placed in a routable site pair. The GTHE_COMMON component can use the dedicated path between the GTHE_COMMON and the GTHE_CHANNEL if both are placed in the same clock region.

It might be that each IP core is trying to share a single GTHE_COMMON, which I think is not allowed.

Should both IP cores be configured for 'shared logic in the core', and if so, how should I hook up the refclk?  In what case are you supposed to follow Figure 3-17 of the Aurora User's Guide?




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