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Visitor s2415372
Registered: ‎02-24-2010

Question about AURORA LANE_UP and two board connection

I'm using two SP605 boards to practice the AURORA, and I have some question about it.


First , the example design of AURORA V5.2  1 lane from the Coregenerator can't lane_up, but 4 lane example design can work normal. For this problem I didn't found the method to solve it in the website, so how can I do to fix it , or just wait Xilinx fix it?


Second ,  I download the same Aurora 4 lane example design to two SP605 board , they can lane_up when I use SMA cable  connect the TX to RX , but if I use cable connect TX to the other board Rx and RX to the other board TX , IT always can't lane up . How can I setup the Aurora to make it work?


Thank you.

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Observer zqlxinyu
Registered: ‎09-01-2013

Re: Question about AURORA LANE_UP and two board connection

Hello ,did you resolve this question? now I meet it,can you tell me how to resolve it? thanks!

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Registered: ‎02-16-2010

Re: Question about AURORA LANE_UP and two board connection

On which board, you had 4-lane design working. Do you require to use local link? if YES, can you use v5.3 core. This is the last released version for the local link interface.

Can you give a pictorial description of the way you are trying to connect 4-lane design on SP605? I believe you require to use FMC connectivity card (if it is possible to connect on SP605) to do a loopback connection using SMA (or) board to board connection.
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