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Synthesis of JESD204B link purchase license

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Synthesis of JESD204B link purchase license




We purchased the JESD204B link purchase license and tried to do synthesis of the JESD204B link

core IP (generated by XILINX Vivado tool) and it failed synthesis saying that the module jesd204b_v6_1 is not found.


This is the top level of the encrypted IP. This was the problem before we purchased the license and I was expecting

that the synthesis will proceed given that we have purchased the license, but it fails again with the same error message.


The IP is installed in the license server and is also indicated by XILINX tool confirming it. Not sure why this IP again fails the

synthesis stage


Should I have to black box the IP top instantiation in synthesis phase? 


Can someone please provide clarity?




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Re: Synthesis of JESD204B link purchase license

In your VIVADO project, select JESD IP from IP catalog, check the IP properties. Do you find "License" is showing "Purchase" as shown below?


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Re: Synthesis of JESD204B link purchase license

Like I mentioned, the we got the IP installed and even 'license' check on the 

IP in the ip catalog shows 'purchase license is available and showing the license servcer name and node). 

So, it is clear that XILINX can pick the purchase license and that is not a problem. 


The question is, during the synthesis stage (syplipfy), the tool reports that the instance 'jesd204_v6_1_top' is 

not found. I thought this is the core to be purchase which we have. So, how do we tell the 

synplify tool to include the purchase license core. 

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Re: Synthesis of JESD204B link purchase license

Hi @baburaghunathan12.,


1. The best way to find if vivado can find your license is to go to the IP catalog, right click on an IP and click "license status". Make sure the status is bought:



2. Then you mentioned synplify as synthesizer. Could you try with the vivado synthesis tool first?



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