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Registered: ‎12-08-2020

Call RPMsg functions from Kernel Module

Our project has zcu102 like hardware platform, running Linux on A53, RTOS on R5, using OpenAMP for inter processor communication. On the A53, I plan to have a network device driver (kernel module) interface with RPMsg. Following UG1186 to setup the development platform for OpenAMP, RPMsg in kernel space, was able to do the echo_test under qemu. 

Then I created kernel module by petalinux-create -t module -n driver --enable, build and boot in qemu to confirm by insmod. Then I added the include files into the kernel module file driver.c, #include <openamp/open_amp.h> ; it got 'no such file or directory' error, as the same to most of other include files needed. I am new to petalinux, and do not know what is the proper way to setup the search path in this case. 

Please advise, Thanks,

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