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Registered: ‎01-24-2018

RPMsg Zero-Copy Send and Receive Usage

I am trying to understand the subject example code on the following site...




Board = ZCU102


If I use the rpmsg_send() API call on the Linux side, it runs all day.

The problem is when I try to use the rpmsg_send_nocopy() API call.

It basically goes no where... almost. The receive callbacks do get called but both

the A53 and the R5 dump core when I run it. I cannot figure out if both sides

are supposed to hold the RX buffer or what.


The example for using this API call seems to me to be... hmm... incomplete at best?

I just simply do not get it.

Is this just some sort of loop back to one's self kind of test?


I am wanting to use this kind of thing between the A53 and the R5 on my MPSoC board.

Are there any other example usages of this rpmsg_send_nocopy() API?

I have looked for two whole days now and I cannot find anything!


Thanks In Advance!






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