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Registered: ‎04-22-2019

Vn offset of XADC


Am using ZYNQ 702 evaluationboard. I applied Vn offset as 500mV in arbitary waveform generator.

1) In AMS evauation card 101 here, i have connected the positive supply to Pin 1 of J2 and negative supply to pin 2 of J2 from arbitary waveform generator.

2) In Bipolar mode, i have given Vn offset in waveform generator. How i can set my Vn offset in XADC manually, is it possible to do so

3) Or setting Vn offset in waveform generator is enough 


 If you look into The document here, in page 34, Fig, 3.6. As of now, i have connected the Positive and negative terminal of input signal to J2 of Pin 1 and Pin2. In that particular figure, "Apply Negative Analog Input Voltage with “Vn Offset” Window in AMS Evaluator"

* It is in the case of AMS GUI Evaluator. 

* I don't want to use AMS evaluator, so in my case how to apply Vn offset 

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Registered: ‎04-18-2011

I think I have already answered it on another thread already... 

There is no way to bias VN internally. 

You must provide the biasing/signal on VN extetnally

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