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Registered: ‎12-19-2019

XADC is not working in vivado version 2018.3

Hi all,

I used Vivado version 2015.4, on a zynq-7045 SOC in my custom board.

we have proved all the interfaces successfully.

We were facing inconsistency in the booting so , as per the xilinx suggestion we upgraded the vivado version.

Now we are using Vivado version 2018.3 and compiling the kernel using PetaLinux.(before we were using standalone compilation method).

With version upgradation , I am facing issue in XADC. I am using XADC for voltage monitoring.

There are 8 voltages in the board and through a MUX  single voltage  is going to XADC VAUX channel 8. 

When I read the XADC value using the below command

cat /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio\:device0/in_voltage17_VAUX8_scale

I am getting the value as 0.0000000.

When I flash 2015.4 design I am getting the correct value.

Even when I use 2015.4(linux 4.0.0) adc driver with 2018.3(linux 4.1.13) iio driver I am getting the correct value.

What is wrong with 2018.3(linux 4.1.13) adc driver? Please help me to solve this.


mahima Shanbag



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Community Manager
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Re: XADC is not working in vivado version 2018.3


Looking at the Change Log for the XADC Linux driver : 

Mainline status
XADC driver is in sync with the mainline kernel 4.19 except for the following
-> Reading the external auxiliary channels.


If you try to read one of the other channels, like temperature or Vccint for example can you read the correct value?


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