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Kintex UltraScale PCIe Tandem

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Registered: ‎05-29-2015

Kintex UltraScale PCIe Tandem

1 .I am using PCIe GEN3 X8 on  Kintex UltraScale device XCKU115,to reduce configuration time,i will to use Tandem PROM.But based on project,we will use PCIe GEN3 X16 based on  generating two PCIe GEN3 X8 IP,my question is that:

in this situation ,Can i use Tandem PROM,or there is any things i will pay attention to ?  

2.when i study the KCU1500 Board,it support GEN3 X16 ,i saw the configuration is that,to use two flash generate x4 datawidth,but there is one poinrt i can not understand:  one flash generate spi0_DQ0,spi0_DQ1 to connect PFGA D00,D01pin and another flash spi1_DQ0 spi1_DQ1 connect FPGA D04 D05 pin.  


Image 1.png

Image 5.png

How should I understand,and use it in my project?