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Registered: ‎02-10-2020

PCIe TRD Project

I am new to the Xilinx product and I came across many problems when trying this. I had downloaded the zip file of PCIe trd from Xilinx wiki and I had generated the bitstream using Vivado 2019.2 by making several changes in the files. Currently my Control PC is based on Windows 10 and I have installed a separate system to use as a host (HOST PC) which is Linux (Ubuntu 14).  Although I am using ZC706 board.

Now my questions are:

1.  Do I need to install the Petalinux Tools or Xilinx SDK or Vitis on the Linux system (host PC)?

2.  What are the prerequisites to be installed on the Host PC? 

-- (I know Git,ARM GNU Tools, Qt & QWT) is that correct?\

I have programmed my QSPI Flash memory with the help of SD Card by updating the required files as mentioned in the PDFs.

I have installed my ZC706 board to the PCIe slot in the Host system and connected the supply to the SMPS of CPU with the help of the ATX 4 to 6 pin converter but still my system is not opening or running CPU. The SW11 is in 00010 mode and SW4 is in 01 mode. But when I remove the baord from the slot the CPU starts running. 

3.  What is the actual cause that is stopping me from running board?

Still I have not installed my ARM GNU tools and Qt QWT tools properly as in the pdfs they are quite confusing.

Can anyone help me out with the above mentioned problems?


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