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Registered: ‎05-19-2020

ZCU102 with PCIe Expansion Chassis

I am attempting to expand the PCIe bus of the ZCU102 evaluation kit using a Magma ExpressBox 16 (now owned by One Stop Stystems):

I have not been successful yet, and with what troubleshooting I've done, it appears there is a PCIe link training issue.

I'm able to boot the board up into petalinux and run lspci.  When I plug in just a single endpoint PCIe card into the ZCU102, the card is recognized.  However, when I attempt to connect the ZCU102 to the expansion chassis using ipass adapter cards, the led lights on the adapter cards indicate an issue, and when I run lspci does not recognize anything other than the root complex.

I've been talking with the chassis vendor to try and troubleshoot further.  I wanted to see if anyone has attempted to expand the PCIe bus of the ZCU102 and if there are any suggestions on what more to investigate.   This is the first XILINX product I've worked with.

Has anyone successfully connected any PCIe expansion chassis to the ZCU102?  If so, what brand/model?

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