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destination throttling of the transmit data path - trn_tdst_rdy_n


I am running simulations on the transmit data path and there is something regarding trn_tdst_rdy_n signal that it seems unexpected to me.

In more detail, sometimes before the completion of the transmission of two successive frames (1 completion with data frame of length=1 and 1 memory Write-32 frame of length = 13), the trn_tdst_rdy_n signal is de-asserted before the second frame is accepted completely.

The transmit buffer pool is supposed to be much bigger than the size of the two aforementioned frames (the trn_tbuf_av signals are constantly asserted) and also the link partner has already processed all the previous frames without any problem.

Do you know if under these condition the core can throttle the flow in the middle of the transmission of a frame?

Shouldn't any ongoing TLP be accepted completely before the de-assertion of trn_tdst_rdy_n? 

Could this have to do with the vhdl simulation model?


Thanks in advance,


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