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 At Long Last


 As I scanned the posts on the forums, I was both surprised and pleased to see so many new users.  It did not matter if they were students, facing their first assignment in their digital logic course, or if they were a seasoned ASIC designer who was now assigned to designing logic for a FPGA device--the more new users, the better it is for Xilinx, as new users eventually translate into new applications, and new sockets to fill.


So, after pondering the problem, and receiving some valuable suggestions from those of you who happen to read my musings, I embarked on a mission to see what we could do. Of course, I did not do any of the work; all of the hard work is done by the folks here at Xilinx responsible for the running the forums.


I am now happy to announce that this new forum, for new users, is open for use.


Who May Post


Anyone who has a technical issue or question may post in this forum. Anyone who already knows the answers and has the time or inclination may answer. It is as simple as that. Although Xilinx Technical Support is unable to take WebCases from students and hobbyists, any customer is encouraged to file a WebCase if their issue requires immediate assistance.




All of the rules for the forums apply to this new area, along with one other: new users may someday become new customers. They are to be treated with the same respect as the other grizzled FPGA designers who are acknowledged as experts. They are just starting out, and yes, they have a lot to learn. They will ask silly questions.  They will provide little or no useful information because they do not know what is useful.  We who are to help them will be patient.


Additionally,  we will not do your homework. We will not provide you with finished and working RTL. We expect you to read. We expect you to use your favorite search engine to find what you need to be reading.  And, we expect you to try different strategies and approaches. If you have an error or warning, read the explanation and then look it up. Change something, try again.  Learn to play with the design tools to find out what they do, and how they work to solve your problems.


Welcome to the New Users Forum.





i am student.  As my title of project to "Design Application specific  8-bit microcontroller using VHDL".


But,I am looking for such application

where use of  FPGA  is better than directly use of microcontroller like 8051 or PIC.


Please,Mention some application!!! that need more features as in microcontroller.


Thanks in advance..!!




1.  This question (and discussion) belongs in the General Technical Discussion forum.

2.  If you know so little about FPGA and hardware technology (and standard controller technology -- e.g. 8051, PIC), why did you accept such a project?


Please continue this discussion in the General Technical Discussion forum.




Bob Elkind