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Registered: ‎10-24-2014

Building Open Source Linux from the linux-xlnx, hangs when booting.



After extensive testing and google/(xilinx forum)/(microzed) searching, I decided to post this question here.


I'm trying to cross-compile the linux kernel (Open Source Linux from Xilinx) in an OpenSUSE computer and boot it in a MicroZed board. I downloaded the Vivado Web Pack and the linux kernel (what I think is "Open Source Linux") from the xilinx's linux-xlnx git repository. I build the kernel, and it generates the image. For this, I had to generate build the mkimage utility found in the "u-boot-xlnx" file that also comes in the repository, as outlined in the Xilinx's guide.


For the cross-compilation process, I use the cross-compilation toolchain that are available after installing Vivado and sourcing the file. I copy the uImage to an SD card. In this card, there are also the other booting files and images from the MicroZed SD image. That is, I use the same boot.bin, the ramdisk, etc., and I only replace the uImage that I just cross-compiled.


The kernel is able to boot, but it hangs. The output I get is showed in the attachment.


It simply hangs there, and no further action is performed. One reason may be that it is not decompressing the uImage properly because I might be using the wrong mkimage utility.


Any thoughts on what could it be and how to procceed?


Good day.




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