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Registered: ‎10-26-2017

How to configure ddr for application

Hi ,

My Name is Prakash, i am using Zynq_7000 SOC board, the SW package Petalinux-2015.04


my HW board supports four modes:

1. operational mode.

2. Standby Mode.

3. Sleep mode 

4. Deep Sleep Mode.


when i am entering from Operational mode to Sleep mode and wake up from Sleep to operational mode then Some time DDR memory gets corrupted. (i am running the Test continuously ) .


My Question is :

1. when system waking up from Sleep to operational mode does DDR data gets initialized with default value?, if yes then

2. How can i configure DDR memory to use for special purpose (lets say i have to write 1k of data into some RAM address , then how can i confirue DDR so that no one can use this address)?


Please fill free to ask anything.







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