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Registered: ‎07-23-2009

How to get control over the timing width of C_WRITE_MIN_PULSE_WIDTH_PS_x

Hi everybody,
I am working on microblaze and EDK. I am also using OPB EMC core in my project. How can I have control over the timing width of OPB EMC parameter "C_WRITE_MIN_PULSE_WIDTH_PS_x"? I have read on the page 4 of the OPB EMC datasheet (DS204 v1.3) that "write enable low time" is the maximum of C_WR_ADDR_TO_OUT_FAST/SLOW_PS and C_WR_MIN_PULSE_WIDTH. If this is true, what is the use of the second parameter value which is the lower one...I am confused. Any body help me, I am stuck at a problem which is related with this issue. Moreover, there are only three configurable parameters in OPB EMC core for a write operation to a memory, two of which are mentioned above. Out of these two, one having the maximum value is used effectively and the other one is for what purpose I am unaware as I said earlier. The third one is normally kept zero. How is it possible with only one effectively configurable parameter to have a strict control over the stringent timing requirement while writing to a memory through OPB EMC. Am I right or not? Any body answer me please.
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