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Registered: ‎03-12-2019

PL-PS Memory Sharing

I want to share data between PS and PL using DDR4 ram, data is in the form of Matrixes and I am using ZCU104 board.

1-The data will be initiated in the DDR4 by the ARM,

2- A controller is implemeted in the PL side,which is also being controlled by ARM using Axi-Lite , this controller needs to read this initated data, perform computations and also write its output back (also in the form of matrix) to the DDR4.

3- ARM reads the controller output from memory, based on the output writes new data to DDR4 and agian starts controller to perform computation.

I am facing problem in sharing the data between PS and PL, what are the possible options which I can use to share this data between PL and PS.

Controller have been implemented using VIVADO HLS and I am using block design function of Vivado Hlx and Xilinx SDK for the complete implementation.

I am new to XIlinx and FPGS so Can anyboday point me to possible design example of similar kind. 

Can I use DMA in this case ? 


A simplified concept is also attached.

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Re: PL-PS Memory Sharing

dma sounds a good place to look,

if you want the arm to control moving the data around,

look at examples of how to put your own peripherals in PL and acess them from the PS.


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