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Registered: ‎10-30-2018

Read the DDR data by using DMA through PS from a particular address


I am working on ZCU102 evolution board. I need to read the DDR data from the particular address through PS by using PetaLinux.

So to read the DDR data through application we need to provide the software hook from the driver. PL side we have a pattern in the .hdf file.

So after creating a new project i have configured the PetaLinux with .hdf file.


PL is expecting PS side DDR has to configured as per below

Configure the register 0xA001_0000 – 0x2
Configure the register 0xA001_0000 – 0x12


Once if i provide above configuration to DDR automatically data will start pumping then i need to read the data from below address:


Read the DDR data from:

0x0130_0000 -> 0x00020001
0x0130_0004 -> 0x00040003



so is there any sample driver/application available to perform the above mentioned requirements for the PetaLinux?

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