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Registered: ‎01-24-2018

Zynq FSBL example error: multiple executable program sections

I am trying to build a qspi flash boot image for my custom Zynq board. Having exported the hardware package with bitstream file from Vivado (with the PS7 IP with qspi enabled), I created a new application project in the SDK, based on the Zynq FSBL template. The newly generated software project compiles without errors, and I proceed to "create boot image", where the BIF file includes only the FSBL .elf file and the .bit file exported from Vivado. The .bif file is generated, but bootgen fails stating that the .elf file has multiple executable program sections.


Since I did not alter anything from the template, how can this even happen, and how do I solve it?


Using Vivado and SDK version 17.4.

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