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Registered: ‎05-07-2008

Zynq Ultrascale+ USB Host and Device

Need some clarification on the operation of the USB ports.

I have a design that has USB0 wired for 2.0 device mode operation and USB1 is wired for 3.0 Host mode operation.
I have USB0 device port operational, but USB1 is not.

In debbugging why USB1 (3.0 Host mode) is not working, I came across this in the TRM

Provides simultaneous operation of the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 interfaces (only in host mode).

Is it possible for USB0 to be a 2.0 device and USB1 be 3.0 Host at the same time?

I want to believe it is possible as the Ultra96 board has USB 3.0 Device and 3.0 Host ports

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