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Registered: ‎07-24-2019

how to suspend receiving data from DMA M_AXIS_MM2S

Hi all.

I have a Q about AXI pausing!!!

I have a module that should receive input x  and data from AXIS_MM2S and produce output.

For producing output from input x, it should receive a certain number of packets of data from DMA.

I use DMA in SG mode and in cyclic mode.

when it receives a certain number of packets of data and is going to produce output, it maybe, because of timing,  receive a new packet that will be used for the next input. I don't want to receive a new packet until I produce output.

Can I pause the DMA axis_mm2s port or change the axis tready signal of my module handy, to receive data with latency?

I can buffer the packet for the next input, but is there any other answer?



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