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Registered: ‎11-22-2019

xemacps_example_intr_dma.c , but one that actually manages multiple receive BDs and buffers?

It looks like this example was simplified early on to only have one RxFrame receive buffer, but I suspect that this means it's not a great base upon which to build a high-performance raw ethernet RX PS app. 

Anyone have a link to an example that properly manages the BD list with multiple RX buffers, correctly freeing the BD and reseting the new flag for each after a receive in the interrupt ?

I'm looking specifically for code that has >1 buffer so that the card can be RX DMAing into one buffer while the other(s) are still being processed and released by the PS code.  i.e. the comments for XEmacPs_BdRingAlloc imply iterating through the BD ring with XEmacPs_BdRingNext to prepare BDs, presumably clear flags, initially attach them to payload memory addresses, but I can't find an example that actually does this ... ?





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