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Observer etexley
Registered: ‎09-20-2017

Measure MAC->PHY delay on Zynq 7000?



I'm using a Zynq 7000 running on PicoZed Carrier Board Gen 2.  I using a GEM controller in the PS fabric, and the PHY which is on the board.  I'm building a system which requires very accurate network timing.  I am looking for a means of measuring the MAC to PHY delay, Phy to MAC delay, and I cant think of one off hand.  in other words, what is the latency between telling the GEM to transmit and the packet actually going out on the wire.  What is the latency between receiving a packet and the packet being received by the GEM and software being interrupted?  Does this vary by rate, 10 base T, 100 base T, gig? 


I am currently able to move and measure a GPIO from the PS fabric on the board.  Perhaps I can bring out a pin on the Marvell Phy and measure the latency between the packet being sent in the software, and when the packet is actually received by the Phy part?


Are these numbers available anywhere?  I've looked, and I can't find them.



Eric T.

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