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Participant gkillua36
Registered: ‎09-02-2016

Power Advantage tool running on ZCU102


I am currently trying to use Power Advantage Tool for ZCU102 board for runtime power measurement of the PL part. I wish somebody successfully using this tool can provide some help.

I follow the link 


and the part1, part2 and part3. I can successfully run the demo from SDcard.

I then try to implement my own design, run it and monitor the power of PL. I directly download bitstreams through JTAG. The power advantage tool can run and update power values, but the power almost does not respond as HW runs. (The power when keeping running a large design (60% LUT) changes around only 30mW.) Besides, the PS temperature is not shown in this case, but it will show in SDcard boot example.

I also try to follow part5: "Building and running the PL design from source". But the result is similar to running my own PL.

Now my questions are:

1. To monitor power of my own PL application, is there any additional setup to do for the PS/R5/MSP430? 

2. For the running of part 5, the design block diagram contains a PS, but I am not getting any PS code from this project (the block diagram is attached at the end). Also the guideline tells me only to download the bitstreams to FPGA and that's all. I suspect that something is missing for the complete design to run. Can anyone help to check this case?

bd.PNGblock diagram of Power Advantage Tool part 5 demo project

I really anticipate and appreciate your help.


Best regards,


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