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Newbie deli
Registered: ‎03-06-2018

Problem with Partial Reconfiguration on ZCU102 running petalinux



Has anyone successfully tried PRC on ZCU102 running petalinux?


I am using ICAP interface, and mmaped PRC registers and PL DDR memory to user space. PRC is performed as Linux App.


For ICAP interface, I modified FSBL XFsbl_HookAfterBSDownload() to set CSU_PCAP_CTRL = 0.  Is there a way to toggle between PCAP and ICAP in Linux?


for my Linux app, it does the following -

   1) load partial bitstream bin file into PL DDR memory

   2) shutdown PRC region vis the control reg,  program the base memory location / size, etc, then restart.

   3) reading back PRC status register, it indicates successful reconfiguration.

The issue is that the PRC module ID remains the same, as if PL is not loading the partial bitstream.


what's your experience? any help would be greatly appreciated.


Note that this programming sequence for PR reconfiguration works in a baremetal application in combination manually issuing register read /write via xsct command line -- mwr / mrd commands.




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Registered: ‎05-07-2019

回复: Problem with Partial Reconfiguration on ZCU102 running petalinux

hello sir,how did you write 0 to PCAP_CTRL, I think I met the same problem of yours!!!

And , have you deal with it?

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