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Registered: ‎05-31-2019

Round-robin algorithm AXI4-Stream Switch


I'm studying AXI4 switch functionality and I have some questions about round-robin algorithm.

Does priority depend from age of pending or not? For example, I have 4 Slaves, 1 Master and number of transfers = 1 (It is the same as time quantum). Slave0 sends request to  master at time 0. Then  Slave0's request fall, Slave1 and Slave4 send request at time 1. And then Slave3 sends request at time 2. What is happenning in time 2? Who will get grant? Slave3 as it has most priority after Slave2 or Slave4 as it has most age of pending?

Explain me what is difference between round-robin and true round-robin algorithms in details, please.

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