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Participant normanlo
Registered: ‎03-01-2017

Sharing memory between PowerPC and Custom IP



I am new to programming in FPGA and would like to some help or point me to the right search.


I am currently working on ISE 13.2 and development board ML 510.


I have a C program that writes some data into a piece of memory, and a custom IP will operate all that pieces of data and write result back to the memory. I am wondering if there are any examples that I can look at ?


I am attaching my hardware design from ISE here. In this simple example, I have a very simple custom IP "dividedby2". My goal is to have the C program running on PowerPC writing data to a range of memory, and have the "dividedby2" IP access that said memory location and perform operations on the data, and write the result back to another memory location.


- Is the hardware design suffice to do what I need. Or do I need to create another memory controller so I can attach it to Port B of the bram ?

- Also, how do I access the memory address from the VHDL code ?


Thank you very much.

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