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Observer ghhhi
Registered: ‎04-06-2018

XADC to UART on Kintex



I want to read Vp,VP from XADC Header J46 in my Kintex Evaluation Board and send the values through UART to my PC.

I've been looking for a tutorial or example about this for weeks but couldnt find anything helpful because everything is rather targeting ZYNQ devices or information is old and even with older vivado or ISE Versions I run into weird bugs or missing files ect.


So my questions are:

a) Is there any example out there on XADC with micorblaze?

b) do I need a CPU/microblaze to accomplish this task? Initially I thought I could just read the values into a FIFO and send the Data from the Fifo to the UART. Maybe including Filters and stuff but no CPU. Is this idea wrong?




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Registered: ‎09-12-2007

Re: XADC to UART on Kintex

If you want to read the values out via a UART,then you would need a processor to setup the uart, and send data from the xadc to the uart.


You can use the jtag2axi IP, if you dont want a processor. Here, you can read these values using axi reads

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