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Visitor bb8
Registered: ‎03-01-2016

ZC-702 PS CAN Baud Rate is off

I have ZC-702 with CAN0 configured on MIO pins to J52. CanPsPolledExample was modified to set MIO9 low and to set the transceiver mode to NORMAL.

When stepping through the code, I begin to see messages outputted from Zynq to CAN Bus as soon as MIO9 is set to output low. The baudrate does not make sense though. I have another device on the CAN Bus to emulate RPM messages at 40Kbps.

The Zynq CAN baud rate is close to 40Kbps (measured 40.58 Kbps) only if I set TEST_BRPR_BAUD_PRESCALAR to 41. This number does not make sense to me and I got to it after measuring actual baud rate and modifying until about 40K is measured. With this set to 41, the Zynq can receive a 40Kbps message. Any explanation why the baud rate is off?


CAN CLK is 23.809523 MHz actual.

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