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Registered: ‎07-04-2019

ZynqMP - Control of GPIO from U-BOOT fails

We are using a custom board based on the XCZU5EV.

U-BOOT is build using PetaLinux using the HDF we created from the Vivado app.

It seems like we can't control the gpios from the U-BOOT command

ZynqMP> gpio set 84
gpio: pin 84 (gpio 84) value is 1
   Warning: value of pin is still 0

gpio: pin 10 (gpio 10) value is 1
   Warning: value of pin is still 0
ZynqMP> gpio input 84

This is happens from bot MIO and EMIO gpios.

These gpios should be free and they are not part of the device tree genereted by PetaLinux.
This happens for most of the GPIOS we try to set.

If I using the command 'gpio status -a' , I can see in the list that the direction of the GPIO did change, but the value isn't.

Any advice will be appreciated.


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