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Registered: ‎10-18-2017

ReVision ZCU104 HDMI Video DataPath

Hello, I am looking at the ZCU104 hardware design for the reVision stack. I am creating an application where I need two different input USB camera feed inputs, going into a single hardware filter with common clocking. I am trying to understand the data path from the UltraScale+ to the HDMI Transmitter Subsystem IP, but I cannot seem to find the hardware bus that links the two in the Board Design file. I am working on an application to use VDMA to perform this streaming operation from the PS, but am unclear what hardware/software is coordinating this exchange in this design and if it would be easier to simply port this design for my application.

If anyone can explain how this design streams USB video data, collected and coordinated by V4L2 and GStreamer software, from UltraScale+ into PL and to the HDMI Transmitter core, I would greatly appreciate it.


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