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Observer daichong
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给PYNQ_Z2开发板自定义了SDSoC的硬件平台,并用sdsoc自带的 矩阵乘法与加法工程验证,但是打印出了如下信息,请问怎样屏蔽这些无用的信息呀?

xlnk_eng_probe ...
uio name xilinx-xlnk-eng.0
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.0: physical base : 0x80400000
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.0: register range : 0x10000
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.0: base remapped to: 0xe0990000
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.0: xilinx-xlnk-eng uio registered
xlnk_eng_probe ...
uio name xilinx-xlnk-eng.1
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.1: physical base : 0x80410000
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.1: register range : 0x10000
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.1: base remapped to: 0xe09b0000
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.1: xilinx-xlnk-eng uio registered
xlnk_eng_probe ...
uio name xilinx-xlnk-eng.2
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.2: physical base : 0x80420000
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.2: register range : 0x10000
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.2: base remapped to: 0xe09d0000
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.2: xilinx-xlnk-eng uio registered
xlnk_eng_probe ...
uio name xilinx-xlnk-eng.3
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.3: physical base : 0x80430000
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.3: register range : 0x10000
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.3: base remapped to: 0xe09f0000
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.3: xilinx-xlnk-eng uio registered
xlnk_eng_probe ...
uio name xilinx-xlnk-eng.4
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.4: physical base : 0x83c00000
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.4: register range : 0x10000
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.4: base remapped to: 0xe0a10000
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.4: xilinx-xlnk-eng uio registered
xlnk_eng_probe ...
uio name xilinx-xlnk-eng.5
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.5: physical base : 0x83c10000
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.5: register range : 0x10000
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.5: base remapped to: 0xe0a30000
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.5: xilinx-xlnk-eng uio registered
Testing 1024 iterations of 32x32 floating point mmultadd...
Average number of CPU cycles running mmultadd in software: 991816
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.4: xilinx-xlnk-eng uio unregistered
Average number of CPU cycles running mmultadd in hardware: 22312

xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.5: xilinx-xlnk-eng uio unregistered

Speed up: 44.4521
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.0: xilinx-xlnk-eng uio unregistered
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.1: xilinx-xlnk-eng uio unregistered
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.2: xilinx-xlnk-eng uio unregistered
xilinx-xlnk-eng xilinx-xlnk-eng.3: xilinx-xlnk-eng uio unregistered

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