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Registered: ‎03-12-2008

Design size of 10062 statements... exceeds ModelSim XE-Starter

When I add a RAM core previously generated with CoreGenerator to my design and I try to simulate with Model Sim XE Starter I get this Warning: Design size of 10062 statements or 7 non-Xilinx leaf instances exceeds ModelSim XE-Starter recommended capacity.



What can I do about it?


Could anyone help me?

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(1) reduce the size of the design (possibly by inferring RAM instead of using Coregen)

(2) wait  for a long time (it is my understanding the simulation will still run; just very slowly)

(3) upgrade to full Modelsim (PE or SE)

(4) try ISE simulator (I think the "Lite" version allows 15000 statements)

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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎08-15-2007

There's an issue with MXE 6.3c which includes the number of lines in the models for the instantiated primitives in the total of design statements.  This problem is resolved in the new version of ModelSim XE which will be made available with the ISE 11.1 release (Spring this year).


For the time being, as Brian suggested, you can:


1) Continue simulating, though simulation time will be very slow (1% performance in comparison to ModelSim SE/PE)

2) Use the ISE Simulator.  ISim Lite (free version provided with WebPACK and standard Foundation package) will allow you to simulate 50,000 lines of code at top performance.


You can change the simulator quickly by right clicking on the target device in ISE, select "Design Properties".  Choose "ISE Simulator" from the Simulator Tool drop-down menu.


Hope this helps.