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Registered: ‎08-07-2018

Problem to simulate project when updating IP made in Vivado 2013.4

greetings ... firstly, I said that I am new by personalizing an IP core and a couple of days ago they gave me a project which uses IPs that were made in Vivado 2013.4. I am currently using Vivado 2018.3, but do not update any of these IPs to a new version, even though I did not have any problem to be able to synthesize, simulate (Modelsim SE 10.5) and implement this project. But now there is a requirement which implies increasing the memory of an IP based on fifo generator v11.0, to try to modify this value I have to update to version v13.2, once updated try to configure some parameters through Re-customize IP and I did not have problems to synthesize, but the simulation did not work anymore, so I returned to re-establish the IP configuration to its previous values ​​and even then I could not simulate correctly again. Apparently the problem is the new version of fifo generator, because I made the change of this IP that did not work for the original version (v11.0) and the simulation came back to work again.
Somebody please that you can help me with this problem, because the simulation works with one version and not with the other. Thanks in advance.

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Registered: ‎08-07-2018

Re: Problem to simulate project when updating IP made in Vivado 2013.4

Following the recommendation of other forums only update the core and run the simulation, but the problem persists and is the one shown in the following images attached.

At the moment I do not have a detailed idea of ​​how the module works where the fifos are, but basically it can be seen that in the new version two output signals are added that as far as I read in the documentation of v13.2, these signals they are valid only for UltraScale devices, but even so there is variation in the operation of the rd_en signal and therefore an incorrect reading of the data as shown in the dout output.




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Registered: ‎08-07-2018

Re: Problem to simulate project when updating IP made in Vivado 2013.4

Excuse me but forget to attach the vhdl code of the module where these fifos are located.

library IEEE;
use IEEE.std_logic_1164.all;
use IEEE.numeric_std.all;
use IEEE.std_logic_unsigned.all;

entity g1_wbus_client_fifos_vhdl is
    Port ( 
			 -- Clock and reset
             i_aur_clk      : IN std_logic;	
             i_rst          : IN std_logic;   

			 -- wbus stack interface
             o_wbus_ready   : OUT std_logic;    
             i_wbus_wen     : IN std_logic;    
             i_wbus_addr    : IN std_logic_vector(31 DOWNTO 0);    
             i_wbus_data    : IN std_logic_vector(31 DOWNTO 0); 

		     -- 26 Client Channels
             i_wbus_enable  : IN std_logic_vector(25 DOWNTO 0);    
             i_wbus_fws     : IN std_logic_vector(129 DOWNTO 0);    
             i_wbus_clk     : IN std_logic_vector(25 DOWNTO 0);    
             o_wbus_empty   : OUT std_logic_vector(25 DOWNTO 0);    
             i_wbus_ren     : IN std_logic_vector(25 DOWNTO 0);    
             o_wbus_count   : OUT std_logic_vector(259 DOWNTO 0);    
             o_wbus_valid   : OUT std_logic_vector(25 DOWNTO 0);    
             o_wbus_wdata   : OUT std_logic_vector(831 DOWNTO 0);    
             o_wbus_waddr   : OUT std_logic_vector(831 DOWNTO 0);    
			 -- Status and Test Points
             o_ro_wbus_debug : OUT std_logic_vector(31 DOWNTO 0);    
             o_test_points  : OUT std_logic_vector(3 DOWNTO 0)
end g1_wbus_client_fifos_vhdl;

architecture Behavioral of g1_wbus_client_fifos_vhdl is

Component g1_ipcat_wbus_client_fifo
          rst           : in std_logic;               
          wr_clk        : in std_logic;           
          din           : in std_logic_vector(51 downto 0);               
          wr_en         : in std_logic;                 
          full          : out std_logic;                    
          wr_data_count : out std_logic_vector(9 downto 0);      
          -- The Client Port is connected to all the read signals
          rd_clk        : in std_logic;     
          rd_en         : in std_logic;     
          dout          : out std_logic_vector(51 downto 0);             
          empty         : out std_logic;   
          rd_data_count : out std_logic_vector(9 downto 0);     
          valid         : out std_logic      
end component;  

    CONSTANT Almost_Full_Depth : std_logic_vector(9 downto 0) := "0111110100";  
    type  array_26x10 is array(0 to 25) of std_logic_vector(9 downto 0);
    type  array_26x52 is array(0 to 25) of std_logic_vector(51 downto 0);
    SIGNAL almost_full      : std_logic_vector(25 DOWNTO 0);
    SIGNAL ffdin            : std_logic_vector(51 DOWNTO 0);
    SIGNAL ff_dout          : array_26x52;
    SIGNAL ff_write_count   : array_26x10;	
    SIGNAL wbus_count       : array_26x10;	
    SIGNAL wbr_d            : std_logic;
    SIGNAL upper_adrs_match : std_logic;
    SIGNAL wen              : std_logic_vector(25 downto 0);
    SIGNAL almost_full_d    : std_logic_vector(25 downto 0);
    SIGNAL wbus_addr_fws    : std_logic_vector(25 downto 0);
    ffdin <= i_wbus_addr(19 downto 0) & i_wbus_data(31 downto 0);
    u_client : for idx in 0 to 25 generate
        o_wbus_count(10*idx+9 downto 10*idx)    <= wbus_count(idx);        
        upper_adrs_match                        <= '1';       
        --Write only one fifo by decoding 5 address bits.
        wbus_addr_fws(idx)  <= '1' when (i_wbus_addr(20 downto 16) = i_wbus_fws(5*idx+4 downto 5*idx)) else '0';          
        wen(idx)            <= i_wbus_enable(idx) and i_wbus_wen and upper_adrs_match and wbus_addr_fws(idx);
        almost_full_d(idx)  <= i_wbus_enable(idx) and '1' when (ff_write_count(idx) > Almost_Full_Depth) else '0';
         dc_amf: entity work.dreg_clr_vhdl generic map(1)
         port map( 
                c   => i_aur_clk, 
                ar  => i_rst, 
                e   =>  '1', 
                d(0)   => almost_full_d(idx), 
                q(0)   => almost_full(idx)  
        -- 52 bits x 512, First Word Fall Through.
        U_client_ff: g1_ipcat_wbus_client_fifo  
        port map(
          rst           => i_rst,              
          wr_clk        => i_aur_clk,          
          din           => ffdin,             
          wr_en         => wen(idx),                
          full          => open,                    
          wr_data_count => ff_write_count(idx),      
          -- The Client Port is connected to all the read signals
          rd_clk        => i_wbus_clk(idx),     
          rd_en         => i_wbus_ren(idx),     
          dout          => ff_dout(idx),             
          empty         => o_wbus_empty(idx),   
          rd_data_count => wbus_count(idx),     
          valid         => o_wbus_valid(idx)  
        o_wbus_waddr(32*idx+31 downto 32*idx)   <= "0000000000000" & ff_dout(idx)(50 downto 32);
        o_wbus_wdata(32*idx+31 downto 32*idx)   <= ff_dout(idx)(31 downto 0);
    end generate u_client;
    wbr_d <= NOT (OR almost_full);
     dc_wbr : entity work.dreg_clr_vhdl generic map(1)
       PORT MAP (
           c    => i_aur_clk,
           ar   => i_rst,
           e    => '1',
           d(0) => wbr_d,
           q(0) => o_wbus_ready);
    o_ro_wbus_debug <= X"E" & "00" & almost_full(25 DOWNTO 0);
    o_test_points <= x"0";              
end Behavioral;
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