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Newbie umer_sh
Registered: ‎07-14-2011

Spartan 3 FPGA not Programmed



I am using Spratan 3 FPGA xc3s4000 -5fg900 on my customized design . I am facing a problem that FPGA didn't program.

I am programming FPGA through JTAG.  After programmed throgh JTAG, All the configuration parameters are ok. i-e init_b is on 3.3V prog_b is on 2.5V and done pin is also on 2.5V. I am also trying to program through EEPROm. but its doesn't work.


Please provide me some feedback on this issue

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Teacher drjohnsmith
Registered: ‎07-09-2009

Re: Spartan 3 FPGA not Programmed



that could be a 1001 one thigns,


on to debugging me thinks.


so programing throught JTAG, can you JTAG verify the code in the FPGA.

    if so the fpga is programed, if not your not reallyu programming the FPGA.


Assuming above done, and FPGA is priogramed,

    how do you know the fpga is not working ?


take step back and try a simple bit of test code into the fpga,

   I normaly do somethign like flash a led, or wire a led to a switch via the fpga,

        real simple so that it's unlikely to be wrong, but simulate to prove it.


if that works, then it's your big code, if that does not work,

   then you have very few thigns that  are wrong,

       power supplies,  clock, wirring , much easier to debug.






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