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Registered: ‎04-15-2013

[Spartan-6 SP605] Some problems with DDR3 core or UART??

Hi everybody,


I'm having some problems with my project on Spartan-6 SP605 Evaluation Board. I'm using Xilinx EDK version 14.5 on Windows 7 64-bit. USB2UART driver is installed correctly.


My problems seem to be related to DDR3 core or UART, but i have made some prj and i think they are about DDR3 core.


The 1st project, I only added UART core and created a 'hello world' software project and it ran successfully

but, in the 2rd project, I added UART and a DDR3 core, leaved all settings as default like project 1, and also created a 'hello world' software to, fortunately, when i download elf to board, nothing happened.


I tried to link code segment, data segment to DDR3 memory space but no results gotten.


Can anybody help me? Did i forget something when creating project with DDR3 core.


Two my projects you can download here: SP605 ERROR


This is some pictures of my 2 prjs:

USB 2 UART driver installed.


Project 1: Only UART - run well







But with 2nd project, added DDR3:




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