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Registered: ‎03-13-2012

What will this warning yeild

Hello all


I have this warning message


WARNING:Xst:1902 - Value 0 for attribute AUTORESET_PATDET of instance blk000001d7 in unit blk000001d7 is not supported


Can any body please tell me that is my design synthesizable wholly as I have only this warning (repaeted many times)


I have Included the DIvider core from COre Generator in my design (an image processing algo). SImulation is perfect just this warning worries me if my design actually gonna transform to hardware.


I have seen that  AUTORESET_PATDET has something to do with DPS48E1 but I do not have idea of this thing as well as I have very limited time to complete the project so cant understand all through...


I have also gone to this link


but could not understand what it says since it says something about lower case or upper case, but verilog is case sensitive and also I could not understand what it says...Please help


Kindly help




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