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Registered: ‎03-17-2020

RFSOC RFDC Mixer control on SDK

Hi. I am a RFSoC beginner. 

The board I use is a board called HTG-ZRF8 from hitech-global.

I've posted questions on the forum before, but I still have questions and leave a post.

Currently, I am in the process of controlling the mixer of the RF data converter with SDK C-code.

I've referenced the API provided by Xilinx several times and wrote C-code, but I have some questions regarding the mixer API.


1. According to PG269, the frequency band that the SYSREF signal must satisfy in the MTS application is known to be less than 10 MHz, but it is impossible to implement the frequency in the board I use.

The document also states that updateevent can be set to SYSREF.

I wonder if updateevent can be used regardless of the frequency of the SYSREF signal by using the command.

(The SYSREF frequency of my board is set to 245.76 MHz.)


2. When using the Setmixersettings command, is it necessary to additionally write the updateevent related command to reflect the register value or is it automatically input by the previously defined Eventsource?


3. The command used to adjust the phase offset of a mixer for a specific channel is known as Setmixersettings.

Even when using the Setmixersettings command, I wonder if updateevent is set to SYSREF to control the mixer phase regardless of the tile.


4. When using the Setmixersettings command, I am wondering if lookup_configuration and initialization of the RF data converter are necessary.


Thanks in advance for the reply.




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Registered: ‎04-18-2011

I think this has been discussed here

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