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Registered: ‎06-17-2008

Fixed point representation

Hi there, I am working with the floating point numbers for implementation of an IIR filter. Now, I need to represent the filter coefficients as fixed point numbers. These can be signed numbers with an integer part and an exponent part. I have got a vague idea that I need something like a SIGN bit, a certain number of INTEGER part bits , and fractional part. Now, I want to represent them as 16 bit fixed point nukmbers upon which, I can perform addition, subtraction, multiplication etc. But at the moment, I am stuck in chosing a data type for such numbers. Is it going to be a std_logic_vector as a port and then conversion to a signal with data type signed or something? and then back conversion but how to decide how many bits are integer part and how many are fractional part and how to find out if it's a 2's complement number or what? Any suggestions please? Thanks

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