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Registered: ‎02-21-2012

Matlab code to Xilinx System Generator Help!

Hello, I'm trying to implement a matlab code into a sysgen block diagram.


The code analyzes an audio signal in frames of 512 (frames ovelapped by each other by 75%, hop 128 bits), which are multiplied with a hanning window, and then are synthesized again with different overlapping (hop 149 bits). The objective of my code is to implement a pitch shifting effect in future, by resampling my output signal.


Here is the basic part of the matlab code. The "window" variable is a hanning window created by matlab. N is 512, the frame length.


for u=1:frame_count
Xu_current = window.*input(u*Ra:u*Ra+N-1);                                  % analyze current frame, Ra=128 bits
output(u*Rs:u*Rs+N-1) = output(u*Rs:u*Rs+N-1) + Xu_current; % add current frame to output, Rs=149 bits


I'm implementing this using two Dual Port RAMs. The first is used for the synthesis, with a counter which points the address going from 0 to 512, then from 128 to 640, etc, to calculate each frame. The second RAM is used for the synthesis, going from 0 to 512, then from 149 to 661, etc, the same way.


When the simulation finishes I get a problem during the synthesis (a totally false output signal), when I try to add my frames again in the output. Am I doing something wrong with my implementation using the Dual Port RAM?


I am attaching the matlab code, my.mdl design so far, the .wav file that I import, and also the matlab workspace needed to import this with the "from workspace" block.


Thank you in advance, for other information needed please ask me.

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Registered: ‎06-13-2013

Re: Matlab code to Xilinx System Generator Help!



          you must have to call your model in .m file. And also add your model to .m file.




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