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Registered: ‎12-18-2018

Questions About VPSS

Does anybody know how to use VPSS(LogicCORE IP Video Processing Subsystem ?

We are designing FPGA using IP of xilinx now.
However , we have a problem of using IP.

Overview of our design is the block of attached file.
(this is customer request.)
We use two VPSS.
One is HDMI interface, other is SDI interface.
We display two images the image of HDMI as main window and the image of SDI as sub window.

And those are set some window sizes and pixel rate etc. by customer request.
We think each VPSS can be changed them by modify the reference software.

However , we have a problem the configuration can not be changed by the softwer now.

The problem is ,

-The frame rate setting on the SDI side cannot be set normally,
and the image data(VPSS) is output at 150MHz 4 pixels/clock,
and even if the setting is changed, it is not reflected.

Our questions are the followig

1.Is our thinking of the above right ?
When our thiking is not right, please let me know how to change the parameters .

2.If our thinkig is right, please let me know how to change the software .


Best regards


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There is nothing really wrong with your design flow but there is not enough data to comment what is missing/wrong. It could be that the VPSS is miss-configured, that the input is not fast enough, that the clock is not fast enough, that you have a memory BW issue...

I recommend you read the following article:

Video Series 35 – Oh no! My video design does not work! What should I do?

The point is that you need to identify precisely where the issue is. So I recommend you add ILA in your design to see where the issue could be coming. Looking at the tready/tvalid signals is the first place to start.

Product Application Engineer - Xilinx Technical Support EMEA
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