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Visitor qianse
Registered: ‎02-26-2010

Issue with booting FPGA from CF via the ACE controller

Hi, I am using the ML501 evaluation board with XC5VLX50. When I configured the DIP Switch to 00010101 (config mode is 101) to enable the ace controller booting from CF, the error LED is on constantly. I checked that the J21 is excluding the expansion card as stated on page 36 of UG226. The .ace file I generated is stored in the rev0 (matching config address 000) directory in the CF card.


By the way, I am able to boot from FPGA directly with the .bit file and platform rom with the .mcs file. (simply lights up all the LEDS)


Another thing to note is I am using encrypted .bit file to generate the .ace file. Everytime before when the .bit file is loaded, I will get a warning message saying that something like "programming file is encrypted, jclk cannot be used, bit stream clock is used instead." In the IMPACT it doesn't allow me to select both .bit and .nky files to generate the .ace file so I used program the virtex5 with .nky file separately. Not sure if this is not the right flow.


I have read through all the ML501 documents and could not find any other settings I need to configure. I really appreciate your help.




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