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Registered: ‎04-24-2016

Connectivity of any FMC card interface with virtex-5 fpga SX35T


I have a virtex-5 SX35T FPGA and I want to connect it with another board (contains a transciever) that has an FMC connector. My board has a 40-pin header and does not have FMC connector. 

My questions:

Does virtex-5 SX35T FPGA support connection with a duaghter board that has an FMC connector?

Is there a way to connect both boards together?

if not, in case I have changed the FMC connector of the duaghter board to a 40-pin header (not all FMC pins are used) and connect both boards, does it work?


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Registered: ‎06-21-2017

Re: Connectivity of any FMC card interface with virtex-5 fpga SX35T

A basic question.  Do the two cards have the same signal level on their connectors, I.e. 3.3V, 1.8V?  If not, you will need level shifters.  Changing an FMC connector with any other kind of connector will be very difficult and probably require some board modifications.  The easiest thing might be to build a board with an FMC connector and a 40 pin connector and connect them in the layout.  This won't be inexpensive.  An FMC to FMC cable costs several hundred $US.  You could probably get the transition board fabricated for and buy parts for another $100 or so.  It might be less expensive to buy a more modern FPGA board that already has an FMC connector.

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