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Registered: ‎09-17-2018

Binary containers questions


I have question about binary containers in Vitis (based on kernel swap example).

The binary container can have single kernel or multiple amount of different kernels in it for example:



Suppose that my FPGA doesn't have enough space to support both Vector_ADD and Vector_MUL functions, but it can handle one function at the time.

Now if I create one more binary_container with Vector_MUL like this:

binary_container2: { Vector_MUL }

Vitis create two binary files that I pass in program (script) and by passing binary_containter1.xclbin it programs FPGA with Vector_ADD functionality, and after passing binary_containter2.xclbin it reconfigures FPGA with Vector_MUL.

1. Is this statement true? (bypass resources limit on FPGA by reprogramming in on the run with single Vitis project)

2. Does FPGA is fully reconfigured or it's just an partial reconfiguration region that is changed?

3. How can I increase binary container limit, because I can only add one container (changing number of devices doesn't do anything) the binary container icon is grayed out even after changing "Number of devices" option. Do I need to enable something extra in Vivado to enable more binary containers? Should I enable partial reconfiguration and create reconfiguration region with Vitis enabled ports or is it automatic? Should I include FPGA manager in petalinux for this system or it is unecessary?

4. What more Compute Units do? If I have multiprocessor system more same functions could be executed in hardware in the same time via different processes?

if questions are unclear I could elaborate.

Thanks for responding!



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