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Registered: ‎10-29-2018

Get program stdout from remote hardware

Before I can start a project, I want to run a successful hello world program on a Zedboard.

The zedboard is connected to a remote computer through a usb cable (connected to the jtag port). This computer runs  hw_server (2019.2) on ubuntu 18.04.
I'm running Vitis/Vivado 2019.2 as well on my machine (windows 10).

Please help me to get the hello world output on my screen.

The thing is that I get no error and I'm not sure where to look for my program's output in Vitis.

I'll write everything I've done step by step.

1- create a new vivado project.
1a- Create block design -> Add Zynq -> Run block automations-> connect clocks
1b- Create hdl wrapper in sources
1c- Generate bitstream
1d- export hardware including bitstreams, generates an xsa file.

2- In vitis, Create new application project and create its platform from the exported XSA. I select C, standalone OS, hello world project.

First question: do I need to select the "generate boot components"?

Now the hard part.

Second question: In the BSP settings i can choose stdin and stdout either as "ps7_uart_1" or "ps7_coresight_comp_0" ?
(actually i tried both and neither worked)

3- build project, this builds the elf file.

4- I create a "Single application debug" configuration. I set the correct connection (not local but to the server).
In the "common" tab, I'm not sure if I should select allocate console or not.

5- Click Run...
The FPGA is programmed.
The elf file is downloaded to the board. Arm processors  running.
No "hello world" output is seen.

I tried to run this step manually from the xsct console, I run "jtagterminal -start", then "con"... same thing, no error, no output.
I believe there's one little step that I'm missing and it's running me crazy as I basically lost a day trying to run an hello world.

Thank you very much for your help


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