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Registered: ‎06-12-2019

ZCU104 How to make gstreamer plugin for IDS µEYE UI-313xLE USB3.1 camera

We want to use Xilinx Zync+ SoC/FPGA for accelleration of our CV algorithm in a specific application. We have successfully installed and tested the examples for the ZCU104 board using the USB3 camera See3CAM from e-con which is included in the ZCU104 kit.
However, we need to use a global shutter camera UI-313xLE-C µEYE from IDS in our application. How can the µEYE camera be used in this setting? Is there a driver available or configuration to be simply modified to get it up-and-running in the ZCU104 environment,  in order to run e.g. the optical flow application?

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