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Registered: ‎01-25-2017

ERROR on ILA : when add probe to wave or set trigger on probe , the wrong probe selected and get the wrong probe on waveform and an error on trigger setup

Hi ,

i'm using Vivado ila 2019.1 , attaching image the show the problem on the ILA , and the *.ltx file i'm using .

each time i've try to add probe of bus to the to wavform or configure it over the trigger setup , vivado ila take one spacific probe from the bus.

on the image when i've try to select on of the bus over the probe , for example trying to select the signal fc_wrapper.fc.roc.mrml___iobn0__roc_ncbo_bus1[152:150] 

it reflect to the tcl command bellow:

add_wave -into {hw_ila_data_3.wcfg} -radix bin { {fc_wrapper.fc.roc.mrml___iobn0__roc_ncbo_bus1} }

which add the probe bus "fc_wrapper.fc.roc.mrml___iobn0__roc_ncbo_bus1[128:90] " insted  of "fc_wrapper.fc.roc.mrml___iobn0__roc_ncbo_bus1[152:150]"

and when trying to set a value for a trigger on bus fc_wrapper.fc.roc.mrml___iobn0__roc_ncbo_bus1[152:150]  , again it alway releat to the fc_wrapper.fc.roc.mrml___iobn0__roc_ncbo_bus1[128:90]  and getting the error on mismatch 


set_property TRIGGER_COMPARE_VALUE eq3'h5 [get_hw_probes fc_wrapper.fc.roc.mrml___iobn0__roc_ncbo_bus1 -of_objects [get_hw_ilas -of_objects [get_hw_devices xcvu440_6] -filter {CELL_NAME=~"_PTM_RESERVED_NAME_pdrpp_debug_core_0"}]]
ERROR: [Designutils 20-1478] The hw_probe compare_value has wrong bit count [eq3'h5] specified. Correct bit count for the hw_probe is 39.



trying to write explict on the tcl the console the bus, also reflect in an ERROR :
add_wave -into {hw_ila_data_3.wcfg} -radix bin { {fc_wrapper.fc.roc.mrml___iobn0__roc_ncbo_bus1[152:150]} }
ERROR: [Wavedata 42-471] Note: Nothing was found for the following items: fc_wrapper.fc.roc.mrml___iobn0__roc_ncbo_bus1[152:150]

Please advice and help ,any idea to workaround this will be appreicate ,



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Registered: ‎01-25-2017

Re: ERROR on ILA : when add probe to wave or set trigger on probe , the wrong probe selected and get the wrong probe on waveform and an error on trigger setup

problem found , It seems that the ILA doesnt support multi bus with the same name where it splits between probes ,this only happen when i have alot of probe/nets in single FPGA ILA , ~3K probe & 13K signal in total .

to workaround that it needed to edit the *.ltx file over each problmatic probe ,change the net name to be uniq .

for example in the below probe from the attach ltx file "fc_wrapper.fc.roc.mrml___iobn0__roc_ncbo_bus1" was replaced to "fc_wrapper.fc.roc.mrml___iobn0__roc_ncbo_bus1_145_149" , and now i can select this spacific bus without any issue .

<probe type="ila" busType="bus" source="netlist" spec="ILA_V2_RT">
<probeOptions Id="DebugProbeParams">
<Option Id="BSCAN_SWITCH_INDEX" value="0"/>
<Option Id="CORE_LOCATION" value="1:0"/>
<Option Id="CORE_UUID" value="732a3a1a12b854589faaaf35e14d79e0"/>
<Option Id="HUB_CLK_INPUT_FREQ_HZ" value=""/>
<Option Id="HW_ILA" value="_PTM_RESERVED_NAME_pdrpp_debug_core_0"/>
<Option Id="PROBE_PORT" value="10"/>
<Option Id="PROBE_PORT_BITS" value="115"/>
<Option Id="PROBE_PORT_BIT_COUNT" value="5"/>
<net name="fc_wrapper.fc.roc.mrml___iobn0__roc_ncbo_bus1_145_149[149]"/>
<net name="fc_wrapper.fc.roc.mrml___iobn0__roc_ncbo_bus1_145_149[148]"/>
<net name="fc_wrapper.fc.roc.mrml___iobn0__roc_ncbo_bus1_145_149[147]"/>
<net name="fc_wrapper.fc.roc.mrml___iobn0__roc_ncbo_bus1_145_149[146]"/>
<net name="fc_wrapper.fc.roc.mrml___iobn0__roc_ncbo_bus1_145_149[145]"/>





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