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Registered: ‎08-18-2017

Hardware Manager eats up all the PC memory

I'm running Vivado 2017.2.1 on Windows 7, and have been for around a year.  Suddenly, Hardware Manager has started eating up all my PC memory.  When I click Open Hardware Manager -> Open Target -> auto connect, everything starts out fine, just as it always has.  My ILAs even appear to load in the HW manger panel.  But the Auto Connect splash screen never goes away, and eventually it hangs with the message "Hierarchical elaboration completed..."


At this point, if I'm watching memory usage in Task Manager, I can see that vivado.exe uses more and more of my physical memory (I have 40GB).  Usage climbs past 50% in maybe 15 seconds or so, and if I don't kill vivado.exe, then the system becomes permanently disabled at 90% or so (the only solution then is a hard power cycle).


I've tried reverting back to archived versions of my project where Hardware Manager worked, but the behavior is the same.  Please tell me there's a solution other than "have you tried installing Vivado 2018.x?"

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Registered: ‎08-18-2017

I went back a little further in my design archives and found the point at which HW Manager broke.  It was right after I modified the XADC System Monitor IP as follows:

1. Connected to AXI

2. Set for Channel Sequencer mode to monitor all supply voltages and temperature


I was confused by this information, because I knew I had used HW Manager to load my PL before testing it with debug code in SDK.  So I started with the next oldest archive, and tried adding XADC System Monitor as described above.  Built the design, and HW Manager still worked.  However, after logging off and back on, then HW Manager would eat up my memory again!


That sequence events was hard to believe, but I reproduced it several times.  Sequence is as follows:

1. Start with a perfectly good working Zynq-7000 design.

2. Add XADC System Monitor IP, connected to AXI, set for Channel Sequencer mode to monitor all supply voltages and temperature

3. Build through bitstream generation

4. HW Manager works fine at this point

5. Exit Vivado, restart Vivado

6. HW Manager still works fine

7. Exit Vivado, log off Windows, log back on

8. Start Vivado, and HW Manager eats up all my memory.


OF COURSE everything seems to work fine in Vivado 2018.2, but that is a rather frustrating solution.  First, I have to invest the time to download and install 2018.2, then I have to upgrade all my IP, then I have to convince the rest of the team on this project that they need to upgrade to 2018.2 because I ran into a problem on my side, then THEY have to go through the pain of upgrading, too.  And there's no guarantee this will be the last upgrade required for the project.