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Newbie mrwienke
Registered: ‎10-03-2012

How to get .bit and .bin into same Flash via iMPACT



I have a custom design that uses a Virtex-6 (XC6VLX240T) with a 32MB BPI Flash on board.

My typical programming sequence is to generate a .bit file with my ISE project that includes a .elf file and microblaze project, then generate and load a .mcs file into the flash.

Then, I create a .bin file from my .elf and program the flash in SDK with my .bin file (at an offset of 0x00A00000 to not overwrite the contents already stored in the flash).


This programming method used to work for my design but an updated revision can no longer use this process. I can program my .mcs into the flash via iMPACT but when I try to program my .bin into the flash using SDK, the program hangs and never finishes.


I spent some time trying to create a .mcs file solely in iMPACT that includes both my .bit and my .bin files. The most apparent method was to create it using my .bit and include the .bin at address 0x00A00000 as a non-configuration file. Unfortunately, this didn't work. I also tried it at address 0x00050000. I read back the .mcs file from the working revision and tried to find the location in the flash where the .bin contents are stored but couldn't determine where that was.


I was hoping to find someone that knows more about this to see where I went wrong or if it's even possible to create a .mcs file in iMPACT without SDK that incorporates both the .bit and .bin files. Perhaps SDK does something special when it writes to the flash that is left out when trying to program via iMPACT?


I can provide more details as needed.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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